"The most enjoyable thing to do is upgrading wine cellars with exclusive and unique wines. We would love to share this passion with the entire world."

dedicated to providing high-quality Drinks to:

The yachting industry,




Events and Catering,

Wine and Beverage Retailers,

and Private Individuals

with a focus on quality and exclusivity.

The Yachting industry

With dedication, we ensure that everyone on board experiences a level of refinement and luxury. Whether it's a personalized wine and drinks menu per charter or beverages for the crew.

Specializing in curating an exquisite selection of wines, champagnes, and spirits to elevate the onboard experiences. We understand the importance of excellent service and carefully tailor our offerings to individual preferences and requirements.

Marc Kroon Wijn is the right choice for those who strive for nothing less than the best in their quest for refined taste and unparalleled experiences at sea.

We are here for you, from crew to guest.

Personal wine proposals

Are you looking for something special, or would you rather receive weekly wine suggestions that match your personal taste? Let us know what you are looking for and we will provide tailor-made emails.

Even if you are looking for that one unique bottle, no matter how rare, Marc will find exactly what you are looking for and ensure that it finds a place in your wine cabinet or cellar.

what do you like to drink?

Your taste, our concern! Tell us what you like to drink and receive personal suggestions directly on your WhatsApp. Be surprised by Marc and discover a world of tailor-made taste.

Personalized gifts

Exclusive wine gifts in a luxurious gift box, carefully composed and personalized. The design on the box may differ per copy, making it unique for each person or occasion.

Choose from a gift box with one or more bottles of wine. We also offer the opportunity to combine wine with luxurious regional delicacies.

Whether you want a single gift or several items, you are always welcome with us. Do you only want your logo on the gift box, or do you want a personalized label with your own logo?

With us, everything is possible! Share your budget and wishes with us and receive a tailor-made offer.

Wine cabinets

Only the very best storage is good enough for your valuable wine collection. We have been working with the absolute market leader in wine cabinets for years: EuroCave. No other wine cabinet can regulate the temperature so accurately and at the same time be as silent as that of EuroCave. In addition, the cabinets carry the "Origine de France" label, which guarantees a European quality product.

In addition to our expertise in climate chambers, we often create unique combinations with various rack systems from EuroCave. Consider the stylish storage of special boxes, where they not only get a nice place but also fulfill a practical function. Or custom-presenting individual bottles that you are particularly proud of, with an elegant wine rack.

The choice of a specific climate chamber depends on your needs and wishes. We are ready to visit your home or office for personal advice and a suitable proposal.

Wine cellars

A tidy basement, it's so nice!

A wine cellar that lacks an overview, a common problem that hinders the enjoyment of your beautiful wines. Have your basement organized neatly and logically again - Marc will visit you.

What can you expect? An organized cellar that you can continue to enjoy. We organize the cellar so that you always know when your best wines are at their peak. No more guessing when choosing which wine to serve, that's a thing of the past.

Together we create categories that perfectly match your collection: country, winemaker, vintage, grape, house wines and gift wines. Everything is possible with customization for your unique cellar.

Let Marc support you and optimize your wine experience!

about Marc Kroon Wijn

After a long career in the highest segment of the catering industry, it was time for the next step: providing the most beautiful wines for both private individuals and catering establishments.

In 2016, Marc decided to take on one of the most challenging wine studies in the world: the Court of Master Sommeliers. After intensive training sessions, including in London, he obtained the coveted diploma in Austria. Since that moment, Marc has proudly carried the title of Certified Sommelier.

In 2018, Marc and his girlfriend Aimée took the decisive step and completely devoted themselves to their own business.

For Marc, the search for pearls and advising and selling investment wines has now grown into a true passion.

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